Dr. James C. Abegglen
James C. Abegglen is Chairman of Asia Advisory Service K.K. He is an authority on Japanese industrial organization, author of ten books, including the pioneering work The Japanese Factory (1958) and the best-selling, Kaisha: The Japanese Corporation (1985). His most recent book is Sea Change: Pacific Asia as the New World Industrial Center. Dr. Abegglen has worked as a management consultant for more than thirty-five years, in the United States, Europe and Asia. He was a founding officer of The Boston Consulting Group, later establishing his own firm. He has been member of the faculties of Chicago, MIT and Jochi Daigaku. Dr. Abegglen serves on the Board and as Trustee of a number of Japanese and Western companies and institutions. His doctorate is from the University of Chicago, with post-doctoral study at Harvard University. First in Japan in 1945, after service with the 3rd Marines in the Pacific, he is now a permanent resident of Japan.
Mr. Michael O. Alexander
Michael Alexander started The International Forum in 1989. Three decades and several careers required him to travel the world doing business and he discovered the consequences of not understanding cultural differences. As the forces of globalization presented new challenges for leaders of international companies, he developed the Wharton Global Leadership Series as a unique learning experience for the most senior executive. This program ran for thirteen consecutive years and ended in April 2002. 

Over the years, The International Forum grew beyond its origins and is today an active global network of leaders in business supported by experts in many other fields and disciplines from around the world. While helping executives to understand business in Asia, Europe and North America, by bringing them face to face with people they don't usually meet, he discovered active encounters with leaders in other, sometimes very different fields to be a rich learning experience. What emerged are the creative programs of The International Forum that involve learning by doing and integrating business with art, history, society, science and technology, music and culture. His career experiences, when considered at face value, hardly seem to prepare him for this kind of work. 

He started as an accountant. Finding it difficult to make any set of accounts balance, he sought ways to avoid such embarrassments and became Director of the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) in the United States from 1978 to 1982 and Executive Partner at Touche Ross International during the 1980's where he was responsible for worldwide services in Accounting, Auditing, taxation and Management Consulting. During the late 1980's he tried his hand at international investment banking. His earlier career was mixed with experiences in computers, operations research, organizational development, and strategic planning. He wrote a book on Inflation Accounting and in 1976, the Government of Ontario, Canada, appointed him Chairman of a Royal Commission to study the effects of inflation on taxation, business, the capital markets, and the economy. Never the stereotype accountant, in 1969 he attempted to reform the accounting profession in Canada by forming Task Force 2000 and led a group of 200 young professionals from across Canada in a year long examination of the role of their profession and its future. While this did not change the accounting profession it was a useful learning experience. During the 1970's he led an innovative research group that developed accounting for social costs, the environment, and human resources, completing contracts for the US government and several corporations. 

His efforts to be a painter were not impressive and his musical abilities enabled him to play the piano accordion poorly and privately. But he is actively involved in building the Stowe International Music School which brings leading musicians as faculty and students from Asia, Europe, and North America together with youth from Vermont. The School and Festival is now in its fourth year. 

He travels the world extensively, meeting members of The International Forum community while dreaming up new ideas for yet another kind of learning experience for leaders in business. While at home in Stowe, Vermont, USA, he is difficult to reach in the mornings when he is usually downhill skiing, playing ice hockey or, in summer, hiking up a mountain with his two dogs.

Mr. Robert M. Baylis
Bob Baylis spent 33 years as an investment banker at First Boston/CSFB. He ran the Research Department, was responsible for strategic planning, was the global coordinator of M&A, was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CS First Boston Pacific, and Vice Chairman of the First Boston Corporation. In all of this, he discovered that although money is fungible, people are not. Bob saw that the consequences of not understanding differences in business culture could be dramatic between companies and between individuals within the same company. He also believed that this would continue to be a challenge for business leaders as globalization interfaced members of different cultures. 

In his last years as an investment banker, he discovered the International Forum and later welcomed the opportunity to become a Director and part of the faculty at numerous forums in various parts of the world. Whereas finance, corporate governance and human resource policy are the most visible areas of expertise for Bob, his interests in culture and people relationships, whether in the purchase of an old carpet or the negotiation of a large transaction, hold the most interest for him. 

Bob operates from an office in Connecticut. He works as an independent director for several publicly owned companies, invests in and helps with the management of some others, is an overseer of a museum, and collects and studies ancient art, particularly Asian art. 

He and his wife Lois travel a great deal to many of the less developed countries where they spend time collecting textiles, art and try to better understand the people of today as well as those of the ancient world. For example, in 2000, they spent time at the Mongolian National History Museum in Ulaanbaatar where they were named “honorary consultants”, working on a project entitled Democracy in Mongolia. Bob is an overseer of the University of Pennsylvania Museum and Chairman of their development committee. This is a world-renowned museum and center of fieldwork in anthropology and archaeology. He is also a member of the advisory council of the Economics Department of Princeton University. He attended Princeton University for his bachelor of arts in economics and got an MBA from Harvard but seems to spend more time at the University of Pennsylvania now, either at the Museum or concerned with The International Forum at Wharton. On the business side, Bob works with a group of public companies and then a group of small companies including a Tibetan import company. The public companies include New York Life Insurance, Host Marriott Corporation (a hotel investor), Covance, Inc. (a contract drug research organization), Gildan Activewear, Inc. (a garment manufacturer from Canada but manufacturing in a number of other countries), and PartnerRe, Ltd. (a reinsurance company headquartered in Bermuda and Zurich). He is also an independent director of Credit Suisse First Boston USA, Inc. which is the shell that was DLJ and still has public securities outstanding. Bob and Lois have a motorboat called “Free Spirit” which they use to explore the East Coast of the American hemisphere from Canada down to Honduras. Bob used to publish articles on portfolio strategy (he is a chartered financial analyst) and corporate stockholder relations, but he now uses his spare time to explore new horizons.

Sir Bryan Carsberg
Sir Bryan Carsberg is former Secretary-General of the International Accounting Standards Committee. He took up this in May of 1995. He is also a Director of The International Forum. 

He held public office over the previous eleven years, first as the first Director General of Telecommunications from 1984, and more recently as Director General of Fair Trade. Sir Bryan qualified as a Chartered Accountant and became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in 1960. Between 1969-81, Sir Bryan was Professor of the Department of Accounting and Business Finance at the University of Manchester. He was the Dean of its Faculty of Economic and Social Studies from 1977-78; and he was the Arthur Andersen Professor of Accounting of the London School of Economics from 1981-84. In 1974, he was a visiting professor at the University of California (Berkeley). From 1978-81, he was Assistant Director for the US Financial Accounting Standards Board. Sir Bryan was a member of the UK Accounting Standards Board from 1990-94, and was its Deputy Chairman between 1990-92. In May 1988, Sir Bryan was presented with the Chartered Accountants Founding Society’s Centenary Award in recognition of his services to society through his work at OFTEL (Office of Telecommunications). He was knighted in January 1989. In December 1992, Sir Bryan was presented with the Bleau Award for his work in the field of telecommunications. Sir Bryan is the author or co-author of eleven publications on accounting, economics and finance. He was educated at Berkhamsted School and the London School of Economics (LSE) and gained his MSc (Economics) with distinction through part time study at LSE in 1967. Sir Bryan’s interests include running, theater, opera and music.

Ms. Nancy A. Doyal
Nancy Doyal is President of The International Forum. Together with her colleagues around the world, Ms. Doyal has led the design and implementation of Forums and Encounters in Japan, China, Thailand, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium and United States. These Forums are an unusual combination of intimate round table discussions, hands-on experiences and site visits to companies, schools, hospitals and other organizations to meet with leaders and exceptional individuals engaged in solving problems.

Before joining The International Forum in 1997, Ms. Doyal was Vice President of Business Development and Strategy for Ameritech’s Consumer Business in Chicago and General Manager of Credit Card Services, responsible for running Ameritech’s co-branded credit card joint venture. It was in this role that she came to The International Forum as a guest resource to give a perspective on the changes taking place in telecommunications. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Doyal re-connected with the Forum directors and became part of their effort to build their mission, becoming President in 2000.

From 1992-1994, Ms. Doyal ran her own firm which helped mid-sized companies and not for profit organizations develop direct marketing and customer database solutions. Before this, Ms. Doyal held several positions at American Express Travel Related Services Co. Inc. in New York in the Consumer Card Group. Earlier in her career, Ms. Doyal worked for Shiseido Co. Ltd. in Tokyo,Japan; Blyth & Co., a Canadian Luxury Travel Company and RBC Dominion Securities, an investment bank in Toronto, Canada.

Ms. Doyal received an AB from Smith College and an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She is a British citizen, born in Canada and resides in the United States. She is also an artist, an active cyclist and skier and the mother of two young boys.

Dr. Gerrit Gong
Gerrit Gong is the Assistant to the President for Planning and Assessment at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  Prior to taking this position in 2001 Dr. Gong was the Freeman Chair in China Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC and has directed the CSIS Asian Studies Program since 1989. He is also a Director of The International Forum. 

He has taught and researched on the faculties of Oxford, Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities. Dr. Gong’s State Department assignments include serving as Special Assistant to two US Ambassadors at the American Embassy in Beijing. He was in China during the Tiananmen period. He also served as Special Assistant to the Senior Career Officer in the State Department, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. Dr. Gong was also assigned for a year at the American Institute in Taiwan. Dr. Gong accompanied then-Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court Warren E. Burger as Personal Advisor on the Chief Justice’s official visit to the PRC. 

He serves as executive director for senior, bipartisan Congressional (both House and Senate) and private-sector delegations visiting Asia. Dr. Gong was executive officer for the state visit to China of then President and Mrs. George Bush. He writes, lectures and consults on a range of East Asian developments and issues in Europe, Asia and North America. Dr. Gong is a Rhodes Scholar with PhD and Master’s degrees from Oxford University in International Relations.

Mr. Peter Leonard
Peter Leonard is Conductor and General Music Director of the Philharmonisches Orchester Augsburg and Stadtische Buhnen Augsburg. He has had position since 1995. Mr. Leonard is also Music Director of The International Forum. 

From 1984-96, he served as Music Director of the Shreveport Symphony. Mr. Leonard’s career began in 1974, when he was named Associate Conductor of the Greenwich Philharmonia. Four years later, he became Associate Conductor of the Long Island Symphony, a position he held until 1979. Mr. Leonard went on to become Principal Guest Conductor of the Long Island Symphony (1979-83), Music Director of the Bergen Philharmonic (1979-85), Principal Conductor of the Louisville Chamber Orchestra (1979-81), Conductor-in-Residence of the Louisville Orchestra (1979-81) and Music Director of the Youngstown Opera and Symphony (1981-86). 

Mr. Leonard has had numerous guest engagements with such orchestras as the New York Philharmonic, Stadtisches Orchester Aachen and the Westdeutsche Sinfonia, and has made many musical recordings and television appearances. He received a BM and MM from the Juilliard School in New York.

Dr. Gordon Redding
Gordon Redding is Affiliate Professor of Asian Business at INSEAD and is based there at the Euro-Asia Centre. He is also Professor Emeritus at the University of Hong Kong, Visiting Professor at Manchester Business School, Senior Associate at the Judge Institute of Management Studies of Cambridge University and a Director of The International Forum. 

He is a specialist on Asian management and especially on Chinese capitalism, and he spent 24 years based at the University of Hong Kong, where he established and was Director of the Business School and its sister organization in executive education, the Poon Kam Kai Institute of Management. He also has long-standing relationships in executive and MBA teaching at Stockholm School of Economics, Duke University Fuqua School, ANU Canberra, University of Southern California and The Wharton School. Dr. Redding’s research has focused on the understanding of Asian business systems comparatively and especially on the contrasts between Chinese, Korean and Japanese forms of capitalism. In addition, his work has included the implications for multi-nationals working in the region, and the operation problems of expatriate management. 

His main publications are ten books, including The Spirit of Chinese Capitalism, Management Development in Asia Pacific and International Cultural Differences, as well as approximately 100 academic articles. He is a consultant to large companies on matters connected with organizing for business in the Asian region and internationally.

Dr. Yip Yan Wong
Yip Yan “Y.Y.” Wong is the Founder of the East Asian homegrown Wywy Group: an agglomeration of regional companies with highly diversified interests including marketing, direct sales, lifestyle retail, high-tech family entertainment, network distribution, financial services, global trading, conservation real estate, logistics and engineering support though extensive partnerships and alliances with major conglomerates from Japan, the United States and Europe. Dr. Wong is also a Director of The International Forum. 

He is frequently invited to address global conferences including the World Economic Forum, WEF Global Growth Companies Caucus, Nikkei Future of Asia Symposium, Europe’s 500 Congress, Euromoney Conference, International Management Symposium at St. Gallen University and the Annual World Bank/IMF Meeting. At home, he lectures on Entrepreneurship at the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Marketing Institute of Singapore and the Singapore National Employer’s Federation. In global bilateral relations, Dr. Wong is a founding member of the Japan Singapore Action Agenda Committee jointly established by Singapore PM Goh Chok Tong and former Japan PM Hashimoto and the US Singapore Consultative Committee initiated by Singapore President SR Nathan when he was Ambassador to the US. Dr. Wong has chaired seminars for futurologist Alvin Toffler, lateral thinking guru Edward de Bono, Kepner Tregoe Chairman Quinn Spitzer, Adversity Quotient Author Paul Stoltz, Omron Chairman, Vice-Chairman Keidanren, Noburo Tateisi and Asahi Breweries Chairman, Vice-Chairman Keidanren Hirataro Higuchi as well as Fidel Ramos, former President of the Republic of the Philippines. Dr. Wong is Honorary Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom. In the United States, Dr. Wong is a Board Member of the SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management at The Wharton School, and the Asia Society of New York. Dr. Wong was invited to the Dean’s Council at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and recently to the Advisory Council of Intellibridge in Washington. He is on the Advisory Board of the Fellows at Wharton in e-business. 

Dr. Wong is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School. He was conferred an Honorary Fellowship by the Marketing Institute of Singapore and a Doctorate by the University of Stirling in the UK. In Singapore, Dr. Wong is a Member of the Advisory Board at the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Institute of International Affairs. He is the inaugural Singapore Chairman of the Pacific Basin Economic Council representing 1,200 companies with combined revenue of US$4 trillion and 10 million employees. He is a Trustee of the Singapore National Employers Federation and the Chairman of Ecquaria a Singapore software company engaged in e-transforming companies and e-Government. Dr. Wong has also served on various public boards including Chairman, Yeo Hiap Seng a major Asian food and beverage conglomerate, Board Member of Orchard Parade Holdings a real estate and hospitality group, Vice Chairman of National Full Gospel Rally and Honorary Treasurer of the CSL Children’s Home. Dr. Wong is married to Geok Choo, a homemaker, and they have three grown children.