Japan and East Asia: Programs and Resources


The International Forum in Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto

Understanding Japan




The resources of The International Forum include the many people around the world who have been involved in our mission and our programs.  They include experts from business, politics, art, music, history, religious thought, science, society and culture.  To view a list of these experts in East Asia click here.

Suggested Readings

The following list are articles and readings which have been provided as background materials to the learning experiences of The International Forum in Japan:

Corporations in Society - an excerpt from For People And For Profit, by Kazuo Inamori

Hidden Differences: Doing Business With The Japanese - by Edward T. Hall and Mildred Reed Hall

The Meiji Restoration - an excerpt from The Japanese Today: Change & Continuity, by Edwin O. Reischauer and Marius B. Jansen

The New Face of Northeast Asia, by Kent Calder, February 2001, Foreign Affairs



Participants meet with executives at Toyota in Nagoya and test a new car; Don Lindsey from CIBC, Canada speaks to a high school student about her studies.

Participants meet with local villagers outside Kyoto;Robert Singer from the US and Baard Syrrist from Norway share insights during a quiet moment in a private home in Kyoto.


Philip Chen from Hong Kong leads a discussion on Japan and China;  Participants plant rice with local villagers in rural areas of Kansai.