Leadership Through Music

Recent Participants and Partners 2000 & 2002


Ms. Mary Aitken
President, Renaissance Securities, Canada

Ms. Margaret Barela
Musician, Music Critic, Former Chairman Barela Southwest Hardwares, Co., USA

Mr. Paul Batchelor & Ms. Janet Batchelor
Deputy Global Leader, Geography, PricewaterhouseCoopers, UK

Mr. Lode Beckers
Chairman and Managing Director, LOBO NV, Belgium

Mr. Tom Boyle & Ms. Colleen Boyle
Business Unit Manager, Europe, 3M, France

Dr. Svein Brandtzæg 
President, Hydro Magnesium, Belgium

Mr. Gary Butler
Vice President, Europe & Asia, Verizon International, USA

Mr. Thierry Dillard
Chief Financial Officer, Baxter World Trade s.a., Belgium

Mr. Jean-Pierre Duprieu
Vice President, Northern & Central Europe, Air Liquide S.A., France

Mr. Marcel Elefant
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, General Woods & Veneers Ltd., USA

Mr. Rainer Grasmück
Managing Director, Member of the Executive Board, Bärlocher Italia s.p.a. Italy

Mr. Peter V. Gundy
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President, AMR Technologies Inc., Canada

Dr. Carl Hahn
Former Chairman of the Board of Management, Volkswagen AG, Germany

Mr. Andrew Kurowski
Editor, BBC Radio, United Kingdom

Mr. Ken Ito
Corporate Vice President, Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd, The Document Company, Japan

Ms. Janine Jandrositz
Associate, Robert M. Baylis and Associates, USA

Mr. Christopher Lawrence
Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, UK

Mr. Georges Marzloff
Member of the Board, DYNEA Group

Mr. Leiv Nergaard & Ms. Eva Nergaard
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Norsk Hydro ASA, Norway

Mr. Young Ju Park & Ms. In Ja Park
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Eagon Industrial Co., Ltd, Korea

Mr. Benoît Potier
Chief Executive, Air Liquide S.A., France

Dr. Gordon Redding
Senior Affiliate Professor of Asian Business, INSEAD, France

Mr. Peter Schlesinger and Ms. Linda Schlesinger
Managing Director, Apex Investment Fund Ltd., USA

Mr. Guy Ullens
President, Artal Services S.A., Belgium