Guest Resources of The International Forum in China

Guests of The International Forum bring experience and perspectives and act as resources to the participants. There are no lectures or lengthy presentations, guests are invited to comment and to join in the discussion with Forum participants.

Mr. Paul F. Aiello
Executive Director, Morgan Stanley Asia Limited, Hong Kong

Mr. Jeffrey Bernstein
General Manager, EverReach Logistics, China

Mr. Joerg Blecker
Deputy Managing Director and Commercial Executive, Shanghai Volkswagen Company, Ltd., China

Mr. William (Willie) Andrews Brent
Vice President, Groove Street Consulting Co. Ltd.; Director of Performing Arts, Shanghai GT Courtyard, Cultural Investments Ltd, China

Mr. Michael Browne
 General Manager, Suzhou Taihu Mercury Club & Marina, China

Ms. Jerry Bu
Chief, External Affairs, General Manager's Office, Dazhong Transport (Group) Co., Ltd., China

Mr. Philip Carmichael
President, Asia Pacific Lexmark International (China); Vice President, Lexmark International, Japan

Mr. David Carter
General Manager, Lion Nathan Beer and Beverage (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., China

Mr. Kim Chang
General Manager, Xerox Shanghai Limited, China

Mr. De Ming Chen
Mayor, Suzhou Municipal Government, China

Dr. Derong Chen
Director, Business and Organization Development, Norsk Hydro ASA, China

Ms. Sara Chen
Managing Director, All For New Film & TV Cooperation Company, China

Ms. Zhi Hong Chen
Vice General Manger, Suzhou Small Antelope Electric Bicycle Com., Ltd., China

Mr. Miao Chenghuan
Operations Manager, Suzhou Capsugel, Ltd., China

Ms. Eva K.C. Chiu 
President, Ocean Win International Ltd, Hong Kong

Mr. Jin Hwan Chun
Advisor, LG International Corp., Korea

Mr. Don Cohn
Writer, Translator, Tour Operator and Textile Collector, Hong Kong

Mr. Michael Coorey
President, Bessemer Holdings Asia LLC; Executive Chairman, Waterman Company Limited, China

Mr. Wm Patrick Cranley
Managing Director, AsiaMedia, China

Ms. (Chiara) Qiyun Dai
Human Resources Manager, Ford Motor (China) Ltd., Shanghai, China

Mr. Dominique de Boisseson
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Alcatel China Limited, China

Mr. Larry Deboy
General Manager, Lilly Suzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China

Mr. Edward Epstein
Altheimer & Grey, China

Mr. Matthew Estes
President and Chief Executive Officer, Baby Care Ltd., China; Former Managing Director, Greater China, Wella Cosmetics (China) Ltd., China

Dr. Marc Faber
Managing Director, Marc Faber Limited, Hong Kong

Dr. Jianqiao Fang
Professor, Department of Acupuncture, Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Mr. Guy Olivier Faure
Professor of International Management, Sorbonne University, France

Ms. Jian Mei Gan
Director, Credit Suisse First Boston, China

Mr. Marc Gauci
General Manager, Suzhou Taihu Mercury Club and Marina

Mr. Parson Ge
Creative Director, PG Studio, China

Ms. Kay Grenz
Head of Human Resources, 3M Company, USA

Mr. Robert Griffiths
Deputy General Consul, American Consul General Shanghai, China

Mr. Peter Gundy
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, AMR Technologies Inc., Canada

Mr. Dunqing Gu
Director of the Board & Executive Vice President, Shanghai International Trust & Investment Corp., China

Mr. Jin Hailong
Director, Suzhou Foreign Affairs Department, China

Mr. John S. Higham
General Manager, GlaxoWellcome (Suzhou) Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd., China

Mr. Nobumasa Hirata
Chairman and President, Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd., China

Mr. Rupert Hoogewerf
Journalist, Shanghai

Mr. Paul S.P. Hsu
Senior Partner, Lee and Li Attorneys at Law, Taiwan

Mr. Jame W. Huang
Chairman, Roma Ceramic Co., Ltd, Taiwan

Dr. Tom HuTao
Director of Environmental Economics Program, State Environmental Protection Administration, China

Mr. Akira Koyama
General Manager, Accounting & Finance Division, Toshiba Carrier Corporation, Japan

Mr. Zhen Yan Kuang
General President, Suzhou Institute of Landscape Architectural Design, China

Mr. Bowei Lee
President, Lee Chinag Yung Chemical Industry Corporation, Taiwan

Mr. Johnny Lee
General Manager, HCG Company, Suzhou

Mr. Hua Lei
Hualei Mackey Partners Ltd., China

Mr. Bruno Lemagne
President, China Business Group, Unilever, China

Mr. Kurt Leonberger
Consul General, Consulate General of the Fed. Republic of Germany, China

Dr. The Honourable David K.P. Li
Chairman and Chief Executive, The Bank of East Asia, Limited, China

Ms. Ling Li
General Manager, InTime Department Store, China

Mr. Jing-rong Liao 
General Manager, Suzhou Tefa Generatic Development Company, China

Mr. Toby Littlewood
Senior Vice President of HR and Communication, Lafarge China, China

Mr. He Liu
Chief Executive President, The State Information Center; Former Deputy Director General, Department of Long Term Planning & Industrial Policy, China

Mr. Lawrence S. Liu
Attorney-At-Law, Lee and Li Attorneys at Law, Taiwan

Ms. Stephanie Liu
Human Resources Director, Eli Lilly Asia, Inc., China

Ms. Christine Loh
Founder and Chair, Citizens Party, China

Mr. Jim McGregor
Former Chief Representative in China, Dow Jones & Company, Beijing; Former Managing Director, Global Internet Venture, Hong Kong

Mr. Michael McNabb
Chief Executive Officer, TVSN, Hong Kong

Mr. Christopher Mumford
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Babycare Ltd., China

Mr. Jian Ping Ni
PhD. Candidate, Fudan University, China

Ms. Lynn Pan
Author, In Search of Old Shanghai and Sons of the Yellow Emperor; Former Director, The Chinese Heritage Centre, China

Ms. Joelle Permut
Human Resources Manager, Babycare, Ltd., China

Mr. Clark T. Randt, Jr.
Partner, Shearman & Sterling, Hong Kong

Ms. Mary Reichlen
Vice President, Human Resources, Asia, Dell Computer Asia, Singapore

Mr. Andreas Renschler
Senior Vice President, DaimlerChrylser AG, Germany

Mr. Myron Richardson
General Manager, Dupont Suzhou Polyester Co., Ltd., China

Mr. Jan Roxendal
Executive Vice President, Head-Financial Services, ABB Ltd., Switzerland

Mr. Rolf Schaumann
President, ABB High Voltage Technologies, Ltd.,  Switzerland

Ms. Susan Shan
Admin Manager, BP China Ltd., China

Dr. Weijian Shan
Managing Director, Newbridge Capital Limited, Hong Kong; Former Managing Director, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, Hong Kong; Former Assistant Professor of Management, The Wharton School, USA

Mr. Peter Shay
Managing Director and General Manager, The Chase Manhattan Bank, China

Dr. Yuan Dong Shen
Vice President, Shuguang Hospital, China

Dr. Kjell Stenstavold
Senior Advisor, Wuxi Hydro Aluminum Company, China

Mr. Keith Stepp
Vice President, Enron International, USA

Ms. Anne Stevenson Yang
President, Clarity Data Systems, China

Mr. Tim Stratford
General Counsel - China Operations, General Motors Overseas Corporation, China

Mr. Qing Guo Sun
Director, Senior Economist, Suzhou Metallurgical Machinery Factory, Bashoan Iron and Steel Group, China

Mr. Shui Quan Sun
Tea Farmer and Tea House Proprietor, China

Mr. Zhao Liang Sun 
Deputy Director, The Shanghai Municipal Children’s Palace, China

Mr. T.N. Tan
General Manager, BDMD Suzhou, China

Mr. Rong Long Tang
Managing Director, Suzhou Foreign Economic Development Corporation, China

Mr. Tom Hu Tao
Director of Environmental Economic Programs, Policy Research Center for Environment & Economy, State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) of China, China

Mr. Robert J. Thomas
President Southeast Asia and China Division, American International Underwriters, Hong Kong

Mr. James Tu
General Manager, Lilly Suzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China

Mr. Kenneth Tung
General Counselor, Greater China Region, Eastmann Kodak Company, Great Asia Region, China

Ms. Freda Wang
Chief Representative, Dow Jones – Shanghai, China

Mr. Wei Ming Wang
Senior Teacher, Yang Jing High School, China

Mr. Jesse Wu
Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson China Ltd., China

Dr. Xinbo Wu
Professor, Fudan University – Center for American Studies, China

Mr. Guangju Xu
General Manager, Chuan Group Co. Ltd. China

Mr. Jian Gang Xu
President, Hangzhou Sanke High Tech Electronics Co, Ltd., China

Ms. Yuanyuan Xu
Student, Fudan University, China

Mr. Guo Ping Yang
Senior Economist, General Manager, Dazhong Transport (Group) Co., Ltd., China

Professor Xintian Yu
Vice-President, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, China

Mr. Robert W.H.S. Yung
Chief Executive Officer, One Studio, Hong Kong; Director, Communication Technology International Limited, Hong Kong; Former General Manager, Metromedia Asia Limited, Hong Kong

Mr. Thomas Zhai
Associate Director, Customer Business Development National Sales Manager, Modern Retailer Channel, Procter & Gamble, China

Dr. Tianxiang Zhan
Vice Director & Associate Professor of History, Hangzhou University, China

Ms. Xiaoshuang Zhang
Student, Fudan University, China

Dr. Yan Yan Zhao
Suhguang Hospital, China

Mr. Ming Zhu
Student, Fudan University, China