Elements of Chinese Culture

A Series of sessions with Dr. Tianxiang Zhan, Hangzhou University



Lesson 1: Tai Ji Quan
and Traditional Chinese Culture

Tai Ji Quan (means Tai Ji Fists) is kind of traditional Chinese shadow boxing. It is a slow, relaxed physical activity. Tai Ji Quan as a series of exercises is beneficial in calming the mind and body and in improving circulation and breathing. The slow, graceful movements of Tai Ji Quan can be performed at any fitness level.

 Tai Ji Quan is not only a form of Chinese sports, but also a sort of expression of Taoist philosophy, which is the one of the traditional Chinese philosophical schools. Practicing Tai Ji Quan one could find and feel some components of Taoist concept such as harmony between nature and human being, Yin and Yan, the inner spirit controls the outer actions.

 There are several key points for people to understand the principles and methods for doing Tai Ji Quan.

First of all. When you are practicing Tai Ji Quan you should be very relaxed. Your whole body, all parts of your muscle, bone system, joints should be in relaxed even in motion.

Secondly, it would be very important for one to think of nothing but only how to practice Tai Ji Quan. You should fully concentrate your mind on doing it well.

Thirdly, when you are doing Tai Ji Quan, you should make an even breath in a very natural way.

 It is very easy for everybody to learn Tai Ji Quan despite of his or her age difference, educational background, and physical situation. It is not easy for one to practice Tai Ji Quan constantly even though it needs just a small space and 15 minutes a day.

Learn Tai Ji Quan and improve your health condition through constant practice.